Sheriff Endorses One Man to be next Oakland County Executive

PONTIAC, MI – Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard released the following statement today encouraging the Oakland County Board of Commissioners to appoint current County Executive Gerald D. Poisson to finish the remainder of the term left vacant by the death of L. Brooks Patterson:

“I encourage the Oakland County Board of Commissioners to appoint Gerald D. Poisson to continue serving as Oakland County Executive to fill the remainder of L. Brooks Patterson’s term in office. Jerry has served as Brooks’ Chief Deputy County Executive since 2005 and his experience and skillset are second to none. The last week and a half of political maneuvers and missteps are not in the best interest of the residents. The Office of County Executive is in good hands with Jerry and the top-notch team which Brooks had assembled. Putting all the different proposed processes aside and appointing the current executive to finish the remainder of the term will create stability, continuity, and allow for an orderly transition to whomever the next County Executive may be after the general election next year. Our citizens would be well-served to allow them to continue to lead until the end of next year.

There will be plenty of time for politics and campaigning later when the voters are more focused on the candidates and the issues. Brooks served this county with distinction for many years. We should continue his legacy and honor him with this prudent step.” “A special election, should the Board not come to a consensus on an appointment, would cost taxpayers between $700,000 and $800,000 dollars, with over $500,000 of this cost burden placed on local communities,” said Bouchard. “This is not a fiscally responsible decision to waste the money on an election which will net only a six-month term for the winner. It is best to appoint Mr. Poisson and wait for the general election next November.”

Bouchard continued, “As Brooks is laid to rest tomorrow, may we come together, honor his legacy, and move forward with his projects and plans he had in place at the time of his death. My thoughts are with Brooks’ family as they continue to deal with the void he has left in their hearts.”

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