Out of Control 74 yr old Pontiac Man Arrested for Assault on Family and an Officer

PONTIAC, MI – Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the report of a Domestic Assault at a residence on Williamson Circle on Monday September 9th, 2019 at approximately 9:00AM. Assault

Upon their arrival, the deputies met with the 27-year-old daughter of the suspect who advised them that her 74-year-old father had driven away in the family car.

She indicated that her mother, who is deaf, attempted to take the car keys away from her husband to prevent him from driving away. When she intervened, her husband placed her in a headlock. The man then struck his wife in the head several times and took the car keys. The daughter then called the Sheriff’s Office for help.

There were no visible injuries to either of the victim’s and each victim declined medical attention.

A Deputy who had been parked in front of the residence, observed the suspect, who was driving a Ford Escape, pull into the driveway. The suspect exited the vehicle. The Deputy exited his patrol vehicle and ordered the suspect to stop and return to speak with him. The suspect refused to obey the Deputy’s commands and continued to walk up towards the house. The Deputy followed him up to the door and re-stated his command to stop. The suspect threw an empty bag at the Deputy. The Deputy attempted to detain the man, but he pulled away and swung his arm at the Deputy but missed him. He then entered the residence. The Deputy followed the suspect into the residence where he then saw the man reach for a baseball bat. The suspect raised the baseball bat in a threatening manner and walked towards the Deputy. The Deputy ordered him to stop but the man continued moving towards the officer in a threatening manner with the baseball bat still in his hands. The Deputy deployed his Taser which incapacitated the man. He was immediately taken into custody. The Deputy was not injured.

Deputies requested Paramedics from Star EMS to respond to the scene. Paramedics transported the suspect to McLaren-Oakland Hospital for medical clearance. The baseball bat was taken as evidence. The suspect was transported to the Oakland County Jail where he was lodged pending the issuance of criminal charges. Detectives will be continuing with the investigation.

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