Orchard Lake Man Convicted of Burning Own Business down in Mt. Morris Township

FLINT, MI – A jury convicted an Orchard Lake man on Monday September 16th, 2019 of arson after a fire destroyed his business in Mt. Morris Township in 2015.

Ala Elia Dabish, 56-years-old, was charged and convicted of arson of insured real property and third degree arson after a business he owned called Snack Depot caught fire on November 23, 2015 causing much smoke and water damage along with a large loss of inventory.

Dabish bought the Snack Depot located on West Pierson Road east of Jennings Road at auction for $84,000 in November 2014 and insured it for one-million dollars.

“Arson of real property is a very dangerous and threatening crime that we do not take lightly,” said Genesee Prosecuting Attorney David Leyton.

“Not only was this incident an attempted fraud to collect on a very large insurance policy but it caused a large response from local firefighters which is a financial burden on the municipality, put the lives and safety of firefighters and other emergency responders at risk and, in this case, threatened other nearby businesses and their employees and customers,” Prosecutor Leyton said.

Dabish faces a maximum penalty of twenty years in prison when he is sentenced on October 15th.

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