Eastpointe Woman Charged with Embezzling from a Charity

MOUNT CLEMENS, MI — A Macomb County woman has been charged with Embezzlement of $20,000 or more, but less than $50,000, from a charity.

Police and prosecutors allege that Susan Jech, of Eastpointe, was using her position as Secretary of Odd Fellows, Eastpointe chapter, to cash checks she had written to herself. The Odd Fellows, an organization that aims to promote good will and harmony amongst people, hired Jech in June 2018.

A complaint was filed with the Eastpointe Police Department stating that an internal audit revealed Ms. Jech had been embezzling large sums of money from the local charity. Many duplicate checks appeared to be written during the same pay period. Several of the checks, taken out of sequential order, were written in the amount of $377.21.

Additionally, Jech wrote checks to herself, listing “vacation” and “hotel reservation” on the memo line. Odd Fellows officials informed police that Jech was not owed any money for vacation. Furthermore, a youth group trip to New York requiring a hotel reservation was booked under a different account that Jech did not have access to. The audit also uncovered additional checks written to the defendant herself, out of sequential order, in the amounts of $9,500 and $3,683. No explanation was provided for these self-payments.

“This appears to be a clear case of an employee using her trusted position to unjustly enrich herself,” said Prosecutor Smith. “It is always disturbing to see financial scams, but when the victim is a charity, it especially troublesome.”

According to the Eastpointe Police, the total loss at this time is over $23,000; however, Odd Fellows officials affirm they are continuing to investigate Defendant Susan Jech.

Prosecutor Smith stated, “If additional evidence comes forward that the defendant stole over $50,000, the charges will certainly be increased.”

Jech was arraigned Friday morning in 38th District Court – Eastpointe, in front of Judge Gerds.

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