Dearborn Heights Student Mistakes Information as a School Threat

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI – A Dearborn Heights high school student mistook information that the Wayne County Prosecutors Office had sent out as an actual threat to Annapolis High School. He posted his beliefs on the app Snapchat.

On Sunday September 22nd, 2019, a high school student posted a message on Snapchat warning students that a threat had been made against Annapolis High School. The administration went right to work with an investigation, and the Dearborn Heights police were involved.

The student who made the post was identified and questioned. The student admits that the post was made from a misunderstanding related to the letter that went out last week from Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. The student claims that rather than recognizing that the letter was a warning about the seriousness of threats, he interpreted it as a warning of an actual threat. Instead of reaching out to an adult, the student decided to post his misunderstanding on Snapchat.

No Threat Has Been Made Against Annapolis High School.

The administration and the police have investigated thoroughly and have concluded that there never was a threat made against AHS.

Dearborn Heights Police in a statement said “The bad decision made by this student has caused some level of chaos and panic on social media. This is not something that they take lightly, and the consequences are heavy. Please use this situation as a way to remind your students of the proper way to report a possible threat. Reports should always be made to an administrator. Reports should NEVER be made on social media. ALL threats will be fully investigated. ALL threats…even threats determined to be a hoax…will be taken seriously and heavy consequences will follow.

Thank you to those students and parents who did the right thing and reported the situation to administration right away.”

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