Taco Bell throws out Beef due to Possible Contamination

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – Taco Bell has removed all beef in the greater Great Lakes area over concerns that the beef is possibly contaminated. Taco Bells statement is that the beef wasn’t to Taco Bell standards.

The company stated on Saturday that it told affected restaurants to stop serving seasoned beef until it replenishes supplies. The company said the beef didn’t meet its quality standards. However, some store managers and employees have posted on line that they believe the beef was some how contaminated.

Affected locations are in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and elsewhere, though the company could not immediately say how many stores were no longer serving seasoned beef.

One cashier in Cleveland posted on social media ‘We got the news earlier today and I was told to tell the customers that we “ran out of beef” to avoid panicking the customers.’

At another Taco Bell, at the drive-thru speaker, there was a sign posted that said

“Dear Valued Customer

Unfortunately at this time we cannot serve beef. This is effective at all locations in our metropolitan area. We are very sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you for your understanding”

Taco Bell is asking customers to try chicken or steak in their burritos and other entrees after concerns rose about the seasoned beef in the named areas.

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