Mother’s Pride Beams for Her Son who has an Opportunity to go to Washington

DETROIT, MI – Renita Foster contacted us with information about her son and his chance to go to Washington D.C.Donovan Saddler

Donovan Saddler has an opportunity to travel to Washington DC for the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. The conference takes place next summer but they are not letting time slip by. Donovan needs money for the tuition and travel expenses. The tuition alone is $2,395.

The tuition will include room & board, site visits & transportation during the program, lectures, simulations, curriculum & materials, and faculty & staff so that Donovan can sharpen his skills even more as an up and coming leader among us.

His mother describes Donovan as a very smart young man who has always had exceptional grades in school. She stated that many teachers over the years have praised him for his leadership. One of those teachers, who has taught this young man since he was in 6th grade, nominated Donovan for this very conference.  That teacher feels it important enough because they feel that this young man has already left the launch pad for a life that we will all be proud of.

A Go Fund Me account has been established for anyone who would like to help Donovan Saddler get to Washington. If you would like to contribute to that fund, Please Click Here. Any help large or small would be greatly appreciated.

MI Headlines wishes you the very best Donovan in whatever you decide to do in this life.  You have already made many proud with what you have accomplished so far in your young life and it shows.

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