Clinton Township Fire Department Assists to get Cat out of Tree [Video]

Clinton Township FD rescues cat

Photo Credit: Michael Trautman

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – The Clinton Township Fire Department is owed a huge thanks for the assistance in getting a cat out of a tree that had been caught there for at least three days.

On this very snowy Monday November 11th, 2019, posts on social media about the poor animal were brought to the attention of MI Headlines. It was not long after an article was posted to our website that things started developing quickly.

Many had suggested that the company Young Masters Tree Service be contacted to see if they could assist. Out of concern for the poor feline, many did just that. However, it appears that some of those contacting the business were not so nice nor professional about asking for help.  Young Masters Tree Service posted the following comment on their page:

Calling the business phone harassing our secretary, sending harassing messages to both my personal page and business page because we are unable to perform a rescue RIGHT NOW, in the dark, after a snow storm will NOT persuade us to risk our life and change our mind!

I truly feel some of you have no respect for my personal well being and are putting the life of a feline above a humans. How quick everyone is to forget the 60+ rescues we’ve done. Let’s all instead shame me and disrespect the company for the ONE we arent able to do. Especially after the last rescue had us down for 3 weeks!! So in trying to remain as professional as possible, please keep your negative comments to yourself or find the “unlike” button if this offends you.

The owner of the business was obviously upset because they have helped in the past but were unable to do so in this instance. They are correct in stating that lives of humans should be placed in higher regard over those of animals. Some would not agree with that statement because of their unending love for our furry pets.

For those who were not so nice when contacting Young Masters Tree Service, please take a moment to reach out and apologize.  That apology will certainly go a long ways in the community.

At approximately 9:00pm, the cat was brought down to safety. What we have learned is that the cat was abandoned 2 months ago and a man’s my daughter has been feeding it all that time.  When the daughter heard that snow was coming and she saw that the cat was in the tree meowing more loudly as the hours ticked by and not even trying to come down, she knew something had to be done. She had tried for 3 days to get the feline down until the options had ran out and more help was needed to solve the problem.  To the rescue was the Clinton Township Fire Department. The cat was brought down and it was determined that it was alright but was obviously tired, cold and hungry. The daughter wasted no time and walked the cat into its new forever home. The animal is no longer considered abandoned and has a family that will care for it.

Again to the Clinton Township Fire Department ~ Thank You for all that you do!!

And to not forget by any means a great Thank you also is extended to Young Masters Tree Service for your previous assistance to the other 60 plus animals that you have rescued. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and are greatly appreciated by a community that needs more business owners like you.

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Video Credit: Brittney Robinson