Know Where You can Shoot that Gun Legally during Firearm Deer Season

AUBURN HILLS, MI – As firearm deer hunters take to the woods and fields across the State of Michigan this Friday, November 15th, Auburn Hills Police wanted to remind people that hunting with or discharging a firearm in the City of Auburn Hills is illegal. They will be aggressively enforcing the law.

Not only will Auburn Hills be enforcing their local laws but so will so many others around the State of Michigan.  Hunters are reminded to be very careful as to where you discharge your firearm and who or what you are pointing your gun at.

From 2010 to 2018 there were 86 people who were injured and 16 died after being struck by bullets, slugs, pellets or arrows in the various categories of hunting throughout Michigan.

Hunters in Michigan are reminded that you need to wear proper gear when out in the woods.  Do not forget the hunter orange vest to be worn by the licensed hunter. You must also have a proper license to hunt during firearm deer season.  Those can be obtained online through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website. You can also learn where you can purchase them at various stores or outlets.

If you are not certain of specific laws during Michigan’s Deer Season, please contact your local DNR office.

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