Clinton Township Man Charged with Intent to Murder and Child Abuse

MOUNT CLEMENS, MI – A 26-year-old man from Clinton Township is facing multiple charges after firing at least 14 bullets into the car of his little boy’s mother.

Devonita Blakes was charged with:
• Two counts of Assault with Intent to Murder – a felony, punishable by up to life in prison;
• One count of Child Abuse – First Degree – a felony, punishable by up to life in prison;
• One count of Weapons – Firearms – Discharge In or At a Building – a 10-year felony;
• One count of Malicious Destruction of Fire or Police Property – a 4-year felony
• Five counts of Weapons – Felony Firearm – a 2-year felony to be served consecutively and preceding any term of imprisonment imposed for the felony or attempted felony conviction.

Police and prosecutors allege that on Tuesday evening, November 12th 2019, the Devonita Blakes arrived, unannounced, at the apartment complex where his child and his child’s mother reside. Blakes sought to prevent the child’s mother, one of the adult victims, from leaving with their two-year-old son.

As the victim attempted to drive away, with the toddler in the vehicle, the defendant pulled up alongside and exited his own vehicle. He then proceeded to shoot at the victim’s vehicle 14 times. The adult victim was struck several times. Both the front and rear windows on the driver’s side of the vehicle were shattered resulting in glass landing on the toddler.

Although the woman sustained several gunshot wounds, she was able to flee in her vehicle and drive to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department.

Devonita Blakes then fled to his own apartment in Clinton Township, where he fired several rounds through a bedroom window, striking an unoccupied Clinton Township Police vehicle. The defendant then fired several shots out the sliding glass door at the rear of his apartment before the gun jammed and became disabled. Blakes then exited his apartment, where he was immediately taken into custody.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, today said, “The devastating reality is that our office continues to prosecute these heartbreaking cases involving domestic violence every day.”

Smith continued. “If you know someone involved in a relationship, whether it be boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, parent/child, I cannot stress how important it is to assist that person in reaching out for help. Turning Point’s 24-Hour Crisis Line can be reached at 586-463-6990.”

Devonita Blakes was arraigned today in 41-B District Court, Clinton Township. Blakes was given $200,000 bond and the condition of a tether upon release. He is scheduled to be back in court November 27, 2019.

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