Rescued Clinton Township Cat gets New Forever Home

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – For three days a domestic short hair cat was stuck very high in a tree and by the third day something needed to be done to rescue it from certain death.

Chynna Trautman and Azazel

Chynna Trautman and Azazel

On November 15th, 2019, neighbors to the tree where the cat was perched at could hear its cries for help. The weather was already bearing down on the area. Temperatures were set to plummet along with winds and snow were setting in. The animal had not had food nor water for the entire time that it was stuck so high up off the ground. Those who knew that the animal was in trouble took to social media to enlist help.

The plight of the white cat was being read by several hundred people. Many were making suggestions about how the animal could possibly be coached down. Then there were those who were taking a less serious side to the problem and were posting comments that would have been better left off to the side. Some of those were even outright cruel and nasty. But, as many know from experience, good will triumph over bad almost every time.

It is not known exactly how the Clinton Township Fire Department became involved but they stepped up in such a wonderful way and became hero’s to those who were praying that a solution would be found.

Clinton Township FD rescues catThey arrived on scene, extended the ladder from the fire truck and within minutes were able to secure the cold, hungry and frightened cat. It was brought down to safety and was placed into the loving arms of a girl who had already determined that she would take care of the cat until a decision could be made about what was to take place next for the high wire feline.  She stopped for a moment to have a photo taken with the cat in her arms and then took it home to a warm house where she fed it and gave it a safe place to stay.

It did not take long and the wayward feline had a new name and a new forever home. The young lady who is now caring for the cat is Chynna Trautman.  She named her new furry friend Azazel. Azazel was taken to the vet and was checked over and given the All Clear.  Also received shots for good measure.

As you can see from the attached photo, both Chynna and Azazel are very happy with the new living arrangement.

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