Detroit Man Determined to take Care of Warrant in Wyandotte

Rite Aid Pharmacy Wyandotte

WYANDOTTE, MI – A Detroit man was determined to get his minor warrant in Wyandotte settled after he had wanted to turn himself in.Rite Aid Pharmacy Wyandotte

After arriving at the Wyandotte Police Department he was told that a judge was not available at that time and to turn himself in the next day because it was a minor offense.

The man was obviously very frustrated with what he had just been told. He walked out of the lobby at the police department that is located at 2015 Biddle Ave and headed straight to the Rite Aid Pharmacy, located at 1998 Biddle Ave. A walk that would take no more than 4 minutes to complete.

He entered the business and went to one of the coolers that had beer waiting to be bought. He grabbed a tallboy beer from the cooler and walked up to the counter. He proceeded to open his beverage of choice where he then drank it in front of the clerk. He never offered any money to the clerk to pay for it. The patient clerk waited for the customer to produce cash, debit or credit card to pay for the merchandise.

Once he had consumed his beverage, he politely told the clerk to call the police because he wanted to get arrested. The stunned clerk complied with his request and dialed 911. He then waited for the arrival of Wyandotte Police Officers. Upon their arrival he demanded he be arrested. They were more than happy to assist him.

The beer must have been a means of being able to get a decent nights sleep in a holding cell while he waited for a judge to become available. He was trying very hard to take responsibility for the original warrant that he was wanted on.

It is unclear if he was picking up a new case for not paying for that tallboy beer.

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