Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
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TROY, MI – Officers from the Troy Police Department teamed up with the Michigan State Police Fraud Investigation Section to stop shoplifters on January 28th and 29th, 2020. The two day “blitz” resulted in 27 different charges related to retail crime.

The agencies partnered for the operation, recognizing that retail fraud suspects are often part of larger, organized crime rings that impact multiple jurisdictions. Loss prevention professionals from 13 different stores were also part of the effort.

Among multiple others, a 30 year old man from Detroit and a 30 year old woman from Detroit were arrested and charged with multiple counts of Retail Fraud 2nd degree. The suspects were observed stealing at Victoria’s Secret, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JC Penney and Bath and Body Works at Oakland Mall.

The suspects were arrested with $736.20 worth of stolen merchandise in their possession and were accompanied by the woman’s 7 year old child. Child Protective Services was contacted in regards to the child. The case remains under investigation. (20-3203)

The Troy Police Department wishes to thank the Michigan State Police and Canton Police Department, also working as part of the cooperative effort, for their partnership and dedication to curtailing retail crime.

Other arrests include:

A 67 year old woman from Detroit was observed selecting and concealing merchandise at the Dick’s Sporting Goods at Oakland Mall and then exited the store and entered a car. Officers attempted to stop the woman but she drove away, only coming to a stop when a patrol vehicle blocked her car. The woman had $190 of stolen merchandise on her person, with the security tags removed. A pair of garden sheers, believed to have been used to remove security tags, were found in the woman’s purse. The woman is awaiting formal charges related to the incident. (20-3317)

A 23 year old man from Detroit and a 19 year old woman from Eastpointe were observed selecting and concealing several dimmer switches at Home Depot, 1177 Coolidge Highway. The suspects were stopped, and $179.85 worth of merchandise was recovered from the female suspect and $119.90 worth of goods was found on the male suspect. An additional $850.56 worth of merchandise believed to be stolen from another Home Depot location was also recovered. Both suspects were arrested and are awaiting arraignment on retail fraud charges. (20-3330)

A 32 year old woman from Sterling Heights was observed selecting various Adidas merchandise at the Kohl’s store, 500 John R. The suspect exited the store, failing to pay for the items totaling $130. She was stopped and issued a citation for shoplifting. She is awaiting arraignment. (20-3325)

An 18 year old man from Detroit was observed selecting and concealing $178 worth of merchandise from the JCPenney’s store. When stopped by officers, the suspect was also found to have two credit cards with someone else’s name on them in his possession. The suspect was issued a citation for shoplifting and is awaiting arraignment. (20-3356)

A 16 year old boy from Warren was observed selecting and concealing $180 worth of Nike merchandise at Macy’s Oakland Mall. A juvenile petition was filed related to the incident and the suspect was released to his parents. (20-3355)

A 23 year old man from Oak Park was observed in the Oakland Mall Macy’s JCPenney’s store selecting and concealing items. He was stopped and arrested on outstanding warrants. He was issued a citation for two counts of retail fraud. He is awaiting arraignment. (20-3354)

A 20 year old man from Lathrup Village was observed selecting and concealing $204 worth of merchandise, including Polo and Nike clothing, at the Macy’s Oakland Mall store. The suspect went into a fitting room and emerged wearing the clothing. He was stopped, the merchandise was concealed and he was issued a citation for retail fraud. He is awaiting arraignment. (20-3347)

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