Oakland County Suspected Police Impostor Formally Charged

Adrian Ansah-Asante

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI  – At approximately 1:56 p.m., on February 6th, 2020, Sheriff Michael Bouchard was driving in the area of Telegraph and Orchard Lake.Adrian Ansah-Asante

Sheriff Bouchard observed a black Ford Explorer driving on Telegraph with several police related decals affixed to the vehicle. The vehicle also had push bumpers and police lights. Bouchard observed the vehicle was speeding and had illegally tinted front windows. Sheriff Bouchard ran the vehicle plate and determined the vehicle information came back to a private citizen out of Waterford.

Sheriff Bouchard initiated a traffic stop in Waterford Township at Monk’s Motors on W Huron. Officer Bouchard contacted the driver of the vehicle who was identified as Adrian Ansah-Asante. The interior of the vehicle also had several other police related items including a mounted laptop computer, fake mounted radar unit and rear passenger and driver side bar window mounts.

A search was conducted of the vehicle.

The search revealed the driver was in possession of a loaded 45 caliber Glock pistol. The driver did not possess a valid concealed pistol license. The driver was subsequently arrested and lodged at the Oakland County Jail.

The vehicle was impounded.

On February 8th, 2020, Adrian Ansah-Asante, 23-years-old of Waterford Township was arraigned in front of Magistrate Richardson at the Oakland County Jail. Bond was set at $50,000 C/S No Ten Percent. Bond included GPS tether prior to release. Mr. Ansah-Asante was advised that he was not to operate a motor vehicle equipped with emergency lights or to be in possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons. He was formally cvharged wtih:

  • Ct. 1- Weapons-Carrying concealed-5-year felony
  • Ct. 2- Motor Vehicles-Use/possession of flashing lights-90-day misdemeanor
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