ST. PETERBURG, FL – This is not what you want to be known for when spending time in Florida. Apparently police do not like it when you pee on their patrol cars while visiting there.

David Marcel-Lewis Johnson, 26-years-old, of Southfield, was arrested early Friday after relieving himself on the bumper of a marked patrol car. This according to reports by police in St. Pete, Florida who captured David Johnson mid-stream urinating on their patrol car.

Johnson was in downtown St. Petersburg, at approximately 1:00AM, when he was observed “approaching a sergeant’s police vehicle.” He then “removed his penis from the front of his pants, and urinated on the rear bumper of the vehicle.” Johnson was “taken into custody while still in the commission of the crime.” Johnson was busted on a block with several popular bars and nightclubs.

Johnson, who was “uncooperative when questioned,” was charged with disorderly conduct for urinating in the “view of members of the public.” He was freed from custody after a relative posted a $250 cash bond.

Johnson has plead not guilty to the misdemeanor count.

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