Thu. Jun 24th, 2021
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OAK PARK, MI – Crime spree killer Kenyel Brown reportedly has shot himself in the head after authorities tracked him down in an area of Oak Park.

He is reported to be in critical condition. Previous reports stated that he was dead. Kenyel Brown was located near the 20800 block of Ridgedale Street which is near 8 Mile Rd and Schaefer.

Multiple agencies descended in the area of 8 Mile and Schaefer Road at about 3:00pm on Monday February 24th, 2020. He was chased through backyards where he jumped fences then shot himself in the head.

A woman has been arrested for aiding and abetting Brown.

His wounds were self inflicted. He is the suspect in 6 homicides in the Detroit metro area along with two carjackings and one non-fatal shooting. His known crime spree has hit River Rouge, Detroit and Highland Park. It is not known if authorities are trying to connect him to further incidents.

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