Dearborn Heights Police Warn about COVID-19 Hackers Emails

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI – In a message that Dearborn Heights Police posted to Facebook on March 17th, 2020, they stated the following concerning hackers and COVID-19: COVID-19 Hackers

There are now hackers out there with COVID-19 emails stating click here for more information on the virus… if links are opened they will hack into your computer and could gain access to your personal information or destroy your computer for good!!! To be safe from hackers, DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAILS

FOR COVID-19 or links for it!!!

If you would like to check out information on COVID-19 please use the following links as a resource and for additional information:

John Hopkins University COVID-19 Statistics and Map –

Center for Disease Control (CDC) –

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COVID-19 Hackers