Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
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The City of Farmington has closed off access to playscapes and playground equipment in public parks by order of the Oakland County Health Department

FARMINGTON, MI – The City of Farmington has ordered access to all playscapes and playground equipment be closed off during the COVID-19 health crisis.

The emergency order reads as follows:

EMERGENCY ORDER (2020-3) FOR CONTROL OF PANDEMIC Closing Children’s Playground Equipment This Order is made pursuant to Section 2453 of the Public Health Code, being MCL 333.2453.

Matters concerning the public health of the residents of Oakland County have been brought to the attention of the Oakland County Local Health Officer. The Local Health Officer has determined that controls are necessary to reduce transmission of COVID-19 to protect the public’s health of Oakland County based on the following facts:

1. A biological agent or the effects of a biological agent have been detected within Oakland County
2. A communicable disease Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has been identified that can be transmitted from person to person.
3. In order to control and limit the spread of the communicable disease, it is necessary to prevent infected people from coming into contact with uninfected people.

It is hereby ordered that:

1. Closure of all indoor and outdoor playground equipment for children. 2. Exempt from this order are locations within childcare centers and areas without playground equipment like walking trails and grassy areas. These spaces allow for walking, running and playing within social distancing guidelines so individuals remain 6 feet from each other and do not gather in groups larger than 10.
3. The contents of this Order shall be published to the members of the public at large by all reasonable means available.
4. This Order shall become effective immediately and shall be effective until April 17, 2020

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