Drifters Shut Down Livernois at Warren [Video]

DETROIT, MI – Once again those who wish to show up with their cars to do what is known at drifting,  shut down Livernois at Warren tonight, Sunday March 22, 2020.

At approximately 9:30PM, it would seem that those who enjoy this type of event and knowing that Detroit Police are stretched as far as their resources are concerned, took advantage during the COVID-19 health crisis by doing donuts at the intersection. Those who participated or were on the sidelines seemed to be pretty certain that Detroit Police would not respond very quickly if at all.

Several people gathered to watch as drivers spun their cars in what many consider a fun time and a great show. This is also after the City of Detroit has been working with a group to keep this type of problem off city streets and where rules are enforced. The private lot that has been designated for these types of stunts is located on W. Warren Ave. near I-96. If those wishing to participate in this activity  would stay on that private property and not do this in the streets of the city, it is considered as legal.

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Drifters Shut Down Livernois at Warren [Video] via @miheadlines