Bloomfield Hills Medical Supply Company Issues Statement after getting Cease and Desist Letter concerning Price-gouging


BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent a cease and desist letter to a health care industry supplier for allegedly marketing face masks at exceptionally high prices. That supplier, DiaMedical USA, based in Bloomfield Hills, issued a statement today concerning this issue.diamedicalusa

Jeff Ambrose CEO DiaMedical USA stated the following:

“As a distributor, not a manufacturer, our pricing strategy has not changed and the margin on these products is identical to what it was a year ago. Unfortunately, costs all throughout the supply chain–from the manufacturer to priority shipping and freight–have drastically increased nearly 10 fold. While we have no control over the wholesale and priority shipping costs, we continue to search globally for the most competitive pricing. We are dedicated to aggressively searching product availability daily and our pricing will continue to reflect the best value we can possibly provide the health care community. Our number one priority is getting these much need products into the hands of those that need it.

The last month has been an extremely challenging time in terms of supplying health care related products. Sales of medical masks such as the N95 respirator mask have seen a more than 300 percent surge in national sales over the past month compared to the same time last year and wholesales prices have substantially increased. Manufacturers are struggling to to keep up. 3M Co., for example, just announced it has doubled its global production of N95 masks and said it plans to continue to expand amid concerns about dwindling supplies. As supply increases we anticipate availability and wholesale costs to reflect that.”

Jeff Ambrose
CEO DiaMedical USA

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