Troy Police Locate Odd Scene of Toilet Paper in Roadway

Troy Toilet Paper roadway scene

TROY, MI – Someone in Troy or traveling through Troy decided to no longer hoard their stash of toilet paper. Instead, it appears that they decided to unload several rolls of the much wanted item on a roadway.Troy Toilet Paper roadway scene

On Twitter, Troy Police posted “Officers located a suspicious scene while on patrol this morning. Toilet paper was found strewn across the roadway near Athens HS. If anyone has information about this incident, we’d love to know. Was there a TP heist somewhere?”

Some 40 rolls of toilet paper were found on John R Road at about 7:00am on Monday March 30th, 2020. Police believe it was intentional and do not believe that they fell off of a truck due to it happening so early in the morning.

In the comment section, the department wrote: “This is a REAL incident that happened today. If we don’t get answers, we’ll be putting together an Unsolved Mysteries episode (time allowing). Thanks for following ?”

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Troy Police Locate Odd Scene of Toilet Paper in Roadway via @miheadlines