Michigan Nurses Association President Issues Statement following Nurses Complaints at DMC Sinai Grace Hospital [Video]

DETROIT, MI – Jamie Brown, president of the Michigan Nurses Association and a critical care nurse at Ascension Borgess, issued the following statement in response to DMC’s decision to send its RNs home rather than listen to their concerns:

“Nurses around the state are desperately doing everything we can to keep our patients and ourselves safe. Eventually, a tipping point is reached where the best thing any RN can do for their patients, their families, and their coworkers is to speak out rather than remain silent. Until hospitals start taking the concerns of nurses seriously, it’s only a matter of time before more actions like these occur. It is absolutely essential that hospitals start working with nurses and stop silencing our voices.”

Nurses at Sinai Grace currently lack the formal collective voice that comes from having union representation.

DMC rumor

Rumor posted to Facebook

Sinai Grace Hospital has had reported problems in the past.  Now that the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and those who work in hospital positions are stretched to the maximum, the issues at the hospital became even more magnified.

Sal Hadwan posted a video to Facebook after it was wildly rumored that nurses had walked out of the hospital in protest of unsafe working conditions which would have left patients in harms way if they in fact had left. He posted the video to correct the rumor.

Hadwan stated “Just so we can clarify we didn’t walk out we were told to leave. We didn’t want to but that was the instructions they gave us. We were asked to leave.”

The rumor began with the post captured from Facebook which hit like gasoline and a match. With time and patience comments started coming of what was actually taking place at the facility.

The following was posted from a nurse who works at the hospital and it is a first hand account of the fear, the pain and the dedication that these people put in for all of us:

The dayshift ER nurses just worked 24 hours straight with no lunch break during a pandemic causing many people to die form this highly contagious virus!!! The pizza I shoved in my mouth took maybe 6 minutes. That was at 330pm… I used my cellphone so family members could say good bye to their loved ones I knew would not make it. All day We were super busy.

Then….this happened.

Our night shift was told to leave after refusing to accept a dangerously understaffed assignment. For 24 hours dayshift stayed and worked… and nobody came in to help us. NOBODY!!!!! And night shift was right to refuse to come out because help NEVER came!!!! Now I’m home. Shaking inside at the fact I was just trapped in a COVID filled area wearing the same PPE for 24 hours!!!! My face raw from the mask I wore for 24 hours!!!!

My immune system low because my body is running on empty. Myself at risk for catching this deadly virus now more then ever…I had multiple ICU patients for 24 hours!!!! Literally triple checking everything I did so I didn’t make mistake cause I was so tired. Terrified to make a mistake!!!! These patients are so sick.

This virus is DEADLY. I’m so angry. I can’t believe during a pandemic with a deadly virus killing so many people I have been forced to endure this. We support our night shift fully. We stayed to take care of our patients, bound by an oath that we took. And they sat in to make sure our patients were safe too!!! They asked for help.

They were told no help was coming and to leave or accept the assignment. It makes me so sad to know that so many years of combined experience walked out that door on night shift. It wasn’t a group of new nurses. It WAS THE CORE OF NIGHTSHIFT!!!!

I’m so angry and upset I can’t even sleep. I can’t believe after 15 years for the same company I have to look for a job during a pandemic. I cant believe I’m afraid to go back to work because I may have to stay again. Where is the leadership. Why wasn’t everyone with a RN next to their name working!!!!

We are gonna have the worst PTSD from this. Smh.

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Michigan Nurses Association President Issues Statement following Nurses Complaints at DMC Sinai Grace Hospital [Video] via @miheadlines