COVID-19 and Rumors of Random Traffic Stops

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DETROIT, MI – The rumor mills have certainly not taken a vacation or stayed at home or in one place.  The rumors that are circulating on social media are like that of a virus. You know that a rumor can hit at any time.  You just don’t know from what direction its going to come from and how hard it will impact your life or others around you.rumor mill

Michigan State Police today are addressing one of the biggest making its rounds about law enforcement conducting random traffic stops to determine if the occupants of that vehicle have a valid reason for being out side of their home. This rumor has been going around the online communities of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and host of many others

Today, Thursday April 9th, 2020, Michigan State Police Calumet Post stated “That is not true, we are not just randomly stopping vehicles to see if people should be out or shouldn’t be,” said Captain John Halpin, District 8 Commander.

Officials believe that the rumor may have started due to essential businesses asking their employees carry letters from their employers stating that they are allowed to drive to work. Those types of letters would be necessary if the Governor had issued a “Shelter in Place” order which she did not.

You do not need to carry a letter saying that you are entitled to go to work.  You also do not need a letter to go to the grocery store or travel from your primary home to your secondary residence. And lastly, you do not need a letter to just go out for a drive.

There is one thing that everyone needs to carry with them at all times.  Common sense.

Shelby Township Police also issued a statement about a rumor concerning someone being ticketed at Home Depot for buying mulch.  On Facebook they posted the following message:

Don’t know where the rumor started that we ticketed someone for buying mulch at Home Depot, but that’s not our style. If the business is open legally, we aren’t interested in what you purchased. Some of you have odd “necessities” we’d rather you not explain anyway. Seriously.

Michigan State Police along with the many other law enforcement agencies are asking that you share this information with your family and friends so as to stop these rumors as much as possible.

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COVID-19 and Rumors of Random Traffic Stops