Clinton Township will not Enforce Ban on Lawn Cutting during COVID-19 Crisis

Clinton Township Police Station

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – Gov. Whitmer extended the Stay Home/Stay Safe Executive Order but she also added some new rules to the extension. One of those being that she did not want  landscapers to be going from place to place to do their jobs. The concern being that the workers could spread the COVID-19 virus further.

Clinton Township Police Station

Clinton Township officials today issued the following notice about that new rule:

After reviewing the Emergency Orders issued by the Governor, including EO-2020-21 and EO-2020-42, Clinton Township has determined it will not seek misdemeanor enforcement from grass cutting operations provided social distancing requirements of six feet of separation, and other conditions are met. Conditions included are those listed in paragraph 10 and paragraph 5-a of EO-2020-42.
Grass cutting by nature, whether performed by landscaping companies or homeowners, is an outdoor activity involving one person operating a mower, and for safety, typically keeps others at a distance of more than six feet. The Township finds that allowing grass to be cut, if social distancing is complied with as outlined in the executive orders, meets the objective of protecting life by reducing allergic and asthma health impacts and the health impact from rodent harborage. If social distancing occurs, it is an activity substantially similar to other permitted outdoor activities listed under the Governor’s Emergency Orders.
A report from the Federal Center for Disease Control on severe COVID-19 finds that persons with moderate to severe asthma might be at high risk.
“The growing season for grass in Michigan is underway, and uncut grass can quickly go to seed,” said Township Supervisor Bob Cannon. “Reliable medical sources, including WebMD, report a large percentage of children and adults have allergies and asthma, and the pollen from uncut grass can activate their allergies and asthma. We know that people who are compromised this way are susceptible to the COVID-19 virus,” he said.
Cannon went on the say that annually, the Township receives complaints of rodent harborage, usually rats associated with properties where the grass is not regularly cut. “Not only is the presence of rats a nuisance, it’s a human health hazard too,” he said.
He added that the decision to not seek misdemeanor enforcement is subject to further modification and further emergency orders issued by the Governor or other authorities which apply to the Township.

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Clinton Township will not Enforce Ban on Lawn Cutting during COVID-19 Crisis via @miheadlines