Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
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MASON, MI – On Friday June 19th, 2020, a civilian jail kitchen worker was not feeling well.  She did not have a fever when she went to work, but left early.  She subsequently had a COVID-19 test.

That same day there were 2 inmate workers from Post 10 who also said were not feeling well.  They were transferred to medical, remained there, and tested for COVID-19.  Post 10 is where inmate workers reside inside the jail.

On Monday June 22nd, the civilian contract employee reported she had tested positive for COVID-19.  The kitchen was immediately shut down, and Post 10 was quarantined, including all dorms.  All Post 10 inmates (30) were tested for COVID-19, as well as the additional civilian contract employees. 

Today, all results are back and we have a total of 8 positive COVID-19 inmates.  All being housed in medical.  Only 1 of the 8 is symptomatic. 4 civilian employees and 22 inmates tested negative, with 1 civilian and 8 inmates testing positive. 

The kitchen has been closed since Monday and has been staffed with contract employees from around the state and Ingham County Sheriff’s Deputies.  All food is being made off site for now in other facilities and being shipped to the jail for all 3 meals.  Additional sanitizing for both the kitchen and Post 10 have been occurring regularly.

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office is also in the process of testing all of their employees that work Post-10, and a couple other specialty positions. 

They continue to work closely with the Ingham County Health Department, who staffs jail medical, to mitigate this situation.

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