Protesters Put Selves in Harms Way during Protest in Detroit [Video]

BLM Detroit

DETROIT, MI – A Detroit Police Officer on Sunday June 28th, 2020, nearly killed some of those marching and protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement and Gay Pride Celebration day.

The incident took place Sunday afternoon on Vernor near Waterman in Southwest Detroit.

First and foremost, those protesting put themselves in harms way by surrounding the Police SUV. The Detroit Police Officer appears to want to intentionally harm those who got in the way of the SUV that they were driving. But more so, the officer behind the wheel panicked and did not use the skills that they have been taught during training. Instead this officer used the vehicle as a weapon so they could get out of the area as quickly as possible. This officer will surely have to answer questions as to why they took the actions that they did.

The video was sent to us. The person who recorded it was Detroit Will Breathe. They posted to social media the following comment: “

“Moving forward, our daily marches will start an hour later, at 5 PM. Same place, DPD Headquarters at Michigan and 3rd.

If you’re mad about what you saw tonight, you should be out with us in the streets tomorrow.”

Protesters Put Selves in Harms Way during Protest in Detroit [Video]