Car vs Pedestrian Accident in front of Macomb Mall

ROSEVILLE, MI - On Thursday July 9th, 2020 a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle near the Macomb Mall. The pedestrian was not fatally hit. This information is subject to change. Roseville Police have not issued any statements concerning the incident as of 8:15 pm.

At approximately 2:15 pm, per MDOT, north bound Gratiot, north of Masonic, had the two left lanes closed due to the accident.

Actual message received from MDOT at 2:16pm: NB M-3 (Gratiot) north of Masonic has the left lanes blocked due to an incident.

Confirmation has been obtained that this was not a fatal crash as was being reported on social media. We are waiting on officials to issue information about the crash, the victim and the status of the individuals involved.

Macomb County Police and Fire scanner posted at the beginning of the incident 'Appears to be fatal as followers are reporting there is a tarp in the road.' They have not updated their information if this was fatal or just a horrible accident.

The crime scene unit was called to the scene. Traffic was blocked all the way to 14 Mile Rd.

Currently archived 911 dispatch recordings are being listened to for further information about the incident. We have been able to learn that a victim was transported to the hospital and did receive a CAT scan. It is unclear if this is the same victim. An officer was reporting to his superior about a person being examined at the hospital.

People who have family in the area have been asking on various social media about the victim as they are trying to learn if it was one of their loved ones.

All lanes were cleared and back open by 4:30 p.m. per MDOT.

Please check back for any updates as they come in.

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Latest update but not final: 8:15pm

Car vs Pedestrian Accident in front of Macomb Mall via @miheadlines