Officer Involved Shooting of 20 yr old on Detroit’s West side [Videos]

Chief Craig presents video of justified officer involved shooting

DETROIT, MI – Social media exploded after officers with the Detroit Police Department arrested one suspect and then shot and killed another.

Several individuals who said on social media and even to news crew cameras that they personally witnessed Detroit Police officers gun down Hakim Littleton, 20-years-old, of Detroit, who they had insisted was unarmed when he was shot to death.

Body Cam Video from Officer Involved Shooting of Hakim Littleton

The shooting took place at approximately 12:35 pm. on Friday July 10th, 2020, near the intersection of McNichols and San Juan just west of Livernois Ave on Detroit’s west side.

Chief Craig stated that officers were in the area looking for a person involved in a Fourth of July mass shooting that left five people hurt and three dead.

They found the suspect that they were searching for. While taking him into custody, Hakim Littleton became involved in a struggle with the officers. During the struggle, and it can clearly be seen in the video, Littleton reaches into a pocket in his cargo shorts and produces a .45 Berretta handgun.

Hakim Littleton managed to fire four gunshots at the officers. Officers fired a total of 4 shots towards Littleton. He was struck by the gunfire. He was pronounced dead at the scene from injuries that he sustained during the gunfight. By the grace of God, none of the Detroit Police officers were injured.

Several area residents recorded video of the incident and then uploaded their video to social media. Many of those narrating the video as it played out for public consumption. Some were even making extreme and wild accusations about the officers and what they said had transpired.

It did not take long for hundreds of people to be gathered near the intersection of McNichols and San Juan protesting. The intent of their protest was on the mark. The problem was, they were protesting on lies and false information that had spread across social media in near neck break speed.

This one incident should prove to the general public that they should not jump to conclusions until they are certain that they are reacting to something that is real and truthful.

If Detroit Police had not addressed the situation to the public as quick as they did, there is no doubt that further and enhanced chaos would have erupted as the sun was going down on Detroit for the day.

What was further fanning the flames of those upset about what they believed was another unjust shooting of another unarmed person in the City of Detroit, were reporters on live camera comparing events to those from 53 years ago that sparked the riots in 1967. They were harping on the words of the 1967 riots, repeating phrases multiple times.

Surely those words were inciting those who were watching from home because more people were joining the march as they were headed to the 12th precinct to continue their protest at the police station.

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