Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
Eagles Coney Island Shooting
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DETROIT, MI – At least three people have been shot inside of Eagles Coney Island and two in the parking lot. One of those victims was fatally shot in the parking lot as the gunman tried to escape the scene.

It was our understanding that 4 were in their teens and one was an adult. That information has changed. It was a total of four adults. The ages of the dead are 34, 24, 20.

The gunman opened fire inside of the restaurant and also shot one outside of his vehicle in the parking lot as he was trying to flee the area on Sunday July 19th, 2020 at about 11:30 pm. It has been reported that one of the victims was shot at least 15 times.

It is rumored that in the attempt to leave the scene after fatally shooting one victim in the parking lot, the gunman shot a man and carjacked him to flee the area as quick as possible. This information has not been verified.

The murder scene is located at Eagles Coney Island 9122 Dexter Ave on the west side of the city.

Confirmation has been received that at least two have been fatally shot.

Multiple officers are now on scene. It is unknown if there are others who were fatally shot but we are hearing that it is very possible.

This information is subject to change. Please check back for updates since this a developing story.

There is a video circulating on social media that was recorded shortly after the murders took place. You are being warned intensely that the video is extremely graphic and should not be viewed by all. View the video at your own peril.

Anyone with information pertaining to this incident is asked to please call Detroit Police Department’s Homicide Unit at ‪313-596-2260, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak Up.

This is a developing situation. Please check back for updates.

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