Tue. Jun 15th, 2021
John Gaddy / Duran Lowe
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ALPENA, MI – Two men from Saginaw, who were arrested by Michigan State Police Troopers and officers from the Alpena County Sheriff’s Department in early August, after they allegedly sold fake methamphetamine to two women in Alpena had court hearings last week.

The two men are identified as 22-year-old John Harvey Gaddy and 17-year-old Duran Louis Lowe, both of Saginaw. The two made their way to Alpena by having John Gaddy’s girlfriend, accompanied by her 16-year-old cousin, drive them from Saginaw to Alpena to sell the fake drugs.

Once they arrived in Alpena, they went to the victim’s house and allegedly sold imitation crystal methamphetamine in the amount of $400 to the two Alpena women. The women quickly determined they had just purchased $400 worth of salt but not before the suspects had already left their house.

Not happy about being snookered out of $400, the two women went looking for the suspects. They were able to locate them in a parking lot of a local business where they immediately confronted the high priced salt sellers. It was at that moment that an argument broke out with all of those involved in this shady transaction. To make things even worse Duran Lowe decided to take the cell phone of one of the women. As soon as he had possession of the cell phone, he and the others fled the scene.

The two female victims got into their vehicle where they followed the suspect vehicle. The female driver in the victims vehicle decided to try and effect her own version of a PIT maneuver that police do to stop a suspect vehicle. She intentionally bumped into the rear of the fleeing suspect vehicle in the area of Werth Road and US-23. Both vehicles then stopped.

Now a second altercation erupted. John Gaddy decided that he was going to try and put a stop to the problems that he and his associates had created by producing a loaded handgun from his pocket and pointed it at the two women. Fortunately, Gaddy had mind enough not to fire the weapon. The suspects then got into their vehicle and once again fled the scene.

The two female victims having just narrowly missed true disaster at the end of a barrel to a gun, they then called 911 for assistance.

Not long after the call to 911, the suspects were pulled over on Werth Road, west of Hubbard Lake Road, by deputies from the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office.

Michigan State Police Troopers arrived on scene to assist with the investigation. Troopers searched the area near the location of the traffic stop and found a handgun in the ditch matching the description that the two female victims provided to the officers.

Gaddy and Lowe were both arrested and placed in the Alpena County Jail.

Duran Lowe and John Gaddy appeared via zoom for their court hearings last Monday, September 21st, 2020. 

Duran Lowe pleaded guilty to one count in exchange for a dismissal of another. He also provided details of the case to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

John Gaddy rejected his plea deal. He requested his quick trial instead. His next appearance in court will be on October 19th.

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