Rapper Reportedly Shot and Killed in West Bloomfield Home [Video]

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI – Rap Artist Mr Macnificent Death – Jerry Miller – was reportedly shot and killed during a home invasion in West Bloomfield early Friday morning. We are working to confirm this information.

On October 9th, 2020, West Bloomfield Township Police received a 911 call from a residence on Janet Drive stating that someone had broke into the home and that a person inside of the residence had been shot multiple times. It turn out that not one but three individuals in masks had entered the residence.

West Bloomfield Police arrived on scene. They secured the scene and members of the West Bloomfield Fire Department transported the victim to a local area hospital. A perimeter was established in the area and a K-9 track then took place.

Miller took to Instagram after being shot. He was begging for those around him to call 911. On a social media account the rapper is shown with a great deal of cash that he was flashing online. It is unclear if this why the home invasion took place this morning.

Multiple media outlets have been posting that the shooting was fatal. MI Headlines in working to confirm or deny this information. The press release from West Bloomfield Police did not state his condition or if any suspects had been taken into custody.

Below are links to articles stating that the home invasion was fatal. The two links are those of many that state the shooting was fatal. We are waiting for further word from West Bloomfield Police as to the status on this. In reading through every comment from the press release, nothing is indicating this was a fatal shooting.

West Bloomfield Police do not believe this to be a random event.


No further information is available at this time. Please check back for updates.

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Rapper Reportedly Shot and Killed in West Bloomfield Home [Video] via @miheadlines