MI Headlines not Associated nor Affiliated with Racist Leaning Websites

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – During a normal daily review of access logs to MI Headlines, it was noted that users of a website that claims it is not racist only “mad” have been accessing information on our website.

The URL to the blog reads in part: Not Racist Just Mad. However, when you access this blog, the very first item that you will see is a purported breakdown of crime based on black vs. white population.

We have sent this message to those behind this blog in a preemptive strike to them:

We have noted that you or someone from your site has been sourcing information from MIHeadlines.com. This was found when doing a daily review of access logs to our website.

You are hereby notified that you are not to copy or link to MI Headlines from your blog. We do not want our website affiliated with any individual or group that is obviously racist leaning.

Be forewarned that if it is found that your website is linking to MI Headlines, which is owned by MI Headlines Media, Inc., we will take swift and immediate legal action.

From day one in 2013 to today, at any time we have found such racist leaning websites wanting to link to information that we have published, we have faced that head-on to do our best to not allow our reputation be dragged down by those wishing to spread hate. This is just the most recent preemptive strike that we wish to make our loyal readers aware of.

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