Wed. Aug 4th, 2021
Roseville Iowa St and S. Gratiot Ave

UPDATE: From what we have been able to learn, the person in the video with the gun was a Fugitive Recovery Agent who evidently was at the wrong address.

ROSEVILLE, MI – An unknown person can be seen on video captured on a Ring Doorbell camera in Roseville knocking on the door of a home and it appears that they have a gun in their hand.

This occurred on Monday November 9th, 2020, near S. Gratiot Ave and Iowa Street at about 11:00 pm., from what was indicated in the information that was posted on the app Neighbor by Ring.

The person comes from left of screen and voices can be heard. What they are saying is unclear. However, the woman bangs on the door of the house and you can clearly hear her say “pull off !” This could mean if a vehicle or driver pulls off a road, they stop by the side of it. This would make sense because the person with the gun had to arrive at that location some how.

Residents are being warned to be very careful in answering their door late at night so they do not fall victim to someone like that in the video. It is unknown if this incident was reported to police.

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Roseville Iowa St and S. Gratiot Ave

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