Ex-Girlfriend Gets Revenge on Troy Man

TROY, MI – Its does not matter if you are male or female, it is always best to use caution when you start dating another person. It might not end well if you do separate.

On Monday November 2nd, 2020, a Troy man reported to police that he returned home to his apartment, in the 2000 block of Somerset Blvd, at about 9:25 AM, and found his ex-girlfriend parked in the lot near his building. The ex-girlfriend shortly after he noticed that she was there, she proceeds to reverse her vehicle into his vehicle not once but twice.

To make things even worse for her ex-beau, she then exited her vehicle and keyed his with her car key. The ex-girlfriend left the scene prior to Troy Police arriving. Review and authorization of proper charges by the Detective Bureau were requested.

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Ex-Girlfriend Gets Revenge on Troy Man via @miheadlines