Tue. Jun 15th, 2021
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CANTON, MI – A gun that was mishandled discharged Tuesday afternoon at about 4:00 PM. An 8 yr old boy was struck by the bullet that was fired from that weapon. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

The shooting took place inside of a home on Old Michigan Ave in the Glen Ridge Manufactured Mobile Home Community in Canton. An investigation is ongoing where police are trying to determine exactly what did take place. The father of the 8 year old was taken into police custody.

Initially someone in the home called 911. Canton Police and EMS responded to the scene. The child was immediately transported to a local area hospital. At first the injuries to the boy appeared to be non-life threatening from reports that were circulating through the media. There was no immediate word on the boy’s condition, and police said they were still investigating what led up to the shooting.

“At this time there is no danger to the public, and we ask that you respect the privacy of the family,” Police Chief Chad Baugh said in a statement.

“We ask our community to keep this family in your thoughts,” the chief added.

Then word came that the little boy has since passed away.

No further information is available at this time. Please check back for updates.

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