Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
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DETROIT, MI – If you have been paying attention, the shootings taking place on the various freeways that cross through the Detroit metro area have become the play ground for a person or persons who have weapons that continue to shoot at innocent people going about their day.

On Tuesday December 15th, 2020, at approximately 10:35 PM, Michigan State Police troopers were dispatched to the East bound I-96 local lanes, east of M-39 for a shooting.

Troopers located the driver of a Nissan on the left shoulder being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg by Detroit FD.

The driver stated that he heard gun shots right after he entered EB I-96 from M-39 or Greenfield Rd. He wasn’t quite sure on the location. EB I-96 local lanes were closed at M-39. North bound and South bound M-39 ramps to East bound I-96 were closed.  The Greenfield Rd entrance ramp to East bound I-96 was also closed.

Michigan State Police have stated that the rash of shootings that have taken place on the area freeways are not connected. Many are questioning this and do believe that they are connected.

The investigation continues in to the incident to determine the exact location and circumstances of the shooting. The driver is in good condition in a local hospital.

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