Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
eastpointe animal abuse
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EASTPOINTE, MI – The suspect who police in Eastpointe are looking for was captured on video. You are asked to watch the video in hopes that you can identify him.

Eastpointe Police stated on Facebook the following message:

On 1/17/2021 this person allegedly beat a dog with a broom stick. We are trying to identify him.

It appears that the man may have lost his dog and located it in a backyard in the 23700 block of Brittany Street. While in the yard, he found a broomstick and began to strike the animal. The man does not live at that residence.

This man may live in the Brittany and Stephens area. Police need to talk to him and determine what he did with the dog. Please call the non emergency number at 586-777-6700 or if you know who this is, call Detective Welch at 586-445-8975. You can also send a private message to Eastpointe Police on Facebook. Your information will remain confidential.

Temporarily you can follow this link to watch the video:

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