Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
Scammer Krystal Davis
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HOUSTON, TX – Krystal Davis took her tax scam on the road straight to Houston where they were already suffering from extreme cold weather, no heat and no water. One of her victims has provided an accounting of his encounter with her. In Texas she has been going by the name of Krissy Nicole.

We are intentionally changing the man’s name for this article because he is embarrassed from being duped by Krystal Davis and he is in the process of pursuing every avenue possible to get justice. We will call him Charlie I.

Charlie I sent the following information to MI Headlines:

Good morning. I am embarrassed to say I have been scammed by Krystal Davis here in Houston TX.

I am pressing charges today but I do not have her date of birth or Social Security number. I paid her $300- after she told me she had filed my taxes prior to me paying her. I paid her $300 to get my tax copies and receipt.

I found out late Thursday she was a fraud and sent her a msg that I did not want to proceed with the request. This lady has my whole familys life in her hands but she told me she had filed my taxes on Thursday because I told her I was going to pay her Friday. I felt like I was forced to pay up to get my tax information back – I was very terrified that I too felt forced to pay her $300 to see what she submitted.

She ghosted me after I paid- saying her and hubby was going to the hotel for the weekend and needed a break due to being discovered of her past in the Moms of Houston of being a tax fraud so I waited till Monday for her to provide my tax information to check the IRS and again she is MIA with excuse that had to be hospitalized and sick because people where now harassing her and playing with her phone. Come to find out that She NEVER filed my 2020 taxes, she has all of our personal information on false pretense and has my $300.

The only problem is I don’t know if Krystal Davis is her real name. I have reached out to the Attorney Generals office in Michigan and placed a report. I will use what I have and advise Houston Police she is under investigation with Attorney General in MI and maybe they can find more information.

She told me she is currently living in Houston. She has done this to several Houston people.

Krystal has been removed and banned from several groups on social media in the Houston area.

Though hundreds of people in the Detroit metro area were aware of her, she was elevated to a new level when she was put into the “Hall of Shame” on FOX 2 Detroit. That was televised on November 9th, 2020 by Rob Wolchek.

A former IRS revenue agent contacted MI Headlines with some good advice. She states that she is a former revenue officer for the IRS. For anyone that has been scammed in regards to their tax information have them complete the following form She also wants those who have been victimized to know that she is available for assistance. If you require her information, please send MI Headlines a message and we will forward that on to her.

If you have been a victim of one or more scams by Krystal Davis, you are urged to file a complaint with your local police department, Attorney Generals Office and the FBI. They will be able to advise you on what you need to do in this situation.

We would also like to hear from you. Please send your information to The more people that know, the less will be victims of this serial scammer.

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