Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
allegan county sheriff
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PULLMAN, MI – An Allegan County Deputy patrolling Lee Township around 10pm last night observed flames coming from the chimney area of a home on 56th Street south of 109th Avenue. 

The Deputy observed that the house lights were on and a vehicle was in the driveway.  The Deputy, believing there might be occupants inside, activated his siren and overhead lights as he pulled into the driveway to gain the attention and alert any occupants who might be asleep or unaware of the danger. 

The Deputy then began knocking on the door and was about to forcefully enter the residence when someone came to the door.  The woman, who lives alone, asked what was wrong, as she was unaware of the fire. 

The Deputy insisted that she immediately vacate the home as smoke was immediately beginning to fill the room.  The Deputy did assist her in getting her dog before they exited.  The Lee Township Fire Department and EMS arrived on scene and the Fire Department extinguished the flames, however, the home appears to be a total loss. 

The Fire Department advised that the source of the fire is believed to be the wood/pellet burning stove.  The owner had been upstairs getting ready for bed and had not noticed the fire or smoke until she went to investigate the noise from the siren and the banging on the door.

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