Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021
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LINCOLN PARK, MI – It has been confirmed that an investigation is underway into the death of a newborn.

Last evening, shortly after 9:45 pm, there were reports being circulated that the body of a dead baby had been found in a dumpster behind the offices of Wright & Filippis located at 4050 Fort St.

The child’s body is said to have been found in a bag. It is unclear if the bag was inside of the dumpster or outside and behind the dumpster.

Currently we have little information to provide but are working to get further details.

There are two archives from Broadcastify that we are focused on at this time. It is difficult to pull out information from these because multiple agencies are talking over each other in both clips. However, the clips total one hour and we believe that these are at the time of when police were dispatched to the scene.

We received this video at 11:45pm. Gregory Blu posted this to social media:

Something to take note of: Gregory Blu did not speak to the police to confirm this information. He stated that “This is what we were told what I was told it’s a baby in the bag. You’ll get the latest from channel 2 or 4 but right now we’re hood news.” That is at 5 minutes and 18 seconds into the video.

We had not doubted his information but we had not been able to confirm it either until Sunday afternoon.

Please check back for updates. No further information is available at this time.
911 Audio – Lincoln Park 3/6/2021 clip 1
911 Audio – Lincoln Park 3/6/2021 clip 2

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