Fri. Jul 23rd, 2021
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DETROIT, MI – Michigan State Police Trooper One flying over Detroit assisted Detroit Police in stopping a man on a 4 wheeler on Clark Street in southwest Detroit at a gas station.

The incident took place on Clark Street on May 5, 2021. The person driving the four wheeler became so angry that they began ramming the ATV into the unmarked police car. This stop comes on the heels of the death of a 21-year-old on Sunday evening.

On Sunday May 2nd, 2021, at approximately 9:25 p.m., in the area of Vernor and Dix, a 21-year-old man was attempting to pass a Dodge Durango driven by a 29-year-old woman when he clipped her vehicle, causing him to fall off of his ATV. He was transported to a local hospital by medics where he was pronounced Dead on Arrival.

Large gangs of lawless marauders have posted multiple videos over several years showing that they have complete disregard for vehicles and police. They know that Detroit Police will more than likely not chase after them so they do as they wish. No matter how illegal it is to have ATV’s in the streets of Detroit.

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