Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

DETROIT, MI – First Assistant Chief Lashinda T. Stair will be retiring from the Detroit Police Department after 25 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the department and the community.

She has been a staple in this agency, implementing many initiatives and programs aimed at improving the quality of life for all citizens, while supporting department members.

“I’ve had a remarkable career with Detroit Police, and am excited for the next chapter in my life,” said First A.C. Stair. “I am going to truly miss the men and women of this department. They have been phenomenal to work with, I have learned so much from them all, and I appreciate the many opportunities I have had.” First A.C. Stair will be working in the private sector, a transition she has been planning and preparing for a while. During her successful tenure with the Detroit Police Department, First A.C. Stair worked in multiple units, including the 1st Precinct, Psychological Services, the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, The Central District, the Training Center, the Support Services Bureau, and the Neighborhood Policing Bureau.


She has proven to be a dynamic leader with the ability to deliver results in the high-pressure situations. As a 25-year veteran, she has held the rank of Police Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Inspector, and Deputy Chief. In March 2014, under the leadership of Chief James E. Craig, she made history by becoming the first Department member, and female, appointed to the rank of First Assistant Chief of Police, serving as the highest-ranking woman in the agency. First A.C. Stair has also been an active supporter of community efforts and organizations that help young people, especially women, around the city of Detroit, including Girls for Global Growth.

“These life experiences have shaped my perspective on the importance of education and the understanding of self-value and determination,” said First A.C. Stair. “It has inspired me to advocate for all young people; to encourage them to believe in themselves and follow their dreams, so they can one day be leaders in their own right.”

As a leader, First Assistant Chief Stair was also instrumental in creating a civilian workforce for several internal units, such as Records Management, Recruiting, the Detroit Detention Center and the 911 Dispatch Center. This change was a significant innovation that allowed the department to return Police Officers to patrol.


She is a graduate from Detroit Public School’s Cass Technical High School, and an MBA graduate from Wayne State University’s Mike Illitch School of Business, after previously obtaining a Master’s Business Certificate. She also has a Master of Science in Liberal Studies, with a concentration in Police Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She is also a graduate of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 39th Leadership Detroit Class, the FBI National Executive Institute, the Senior Management Institute of Police, and the Eastern Michigan University School of Police Staff and Command. She is also a Board Member of multiple organizations.

Along with her own education, First A.C. Stair has worked to help others achieve academic success, through programs such as the Detroit Police Department Leadership Academy at the Wayne State University’s Mike Illitch School of Business.

In 2017, FORBES Magazine named her one of the year’s “Forty over Forty Women to Watch.” In 2019, she was named Role Model of the Year by ‘Alternatives for Girls,’ and received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Boy Scouts of America’s Workforce Development Exploring Program. She was a mentor and inspiration to women, not only in this agency but also in police departments across the country.


After her years of hard work and community service, First Assistant Chief Stair is leaving a lasting impact on the Detroit Police Department, the community and the people she has worked alongside. “I know I am leaving behind a legacy that other people can look up to and strive for,” said First A.C. Stair. “It is my expectation that I will not be the last woman sitting in the rank of First Assistant Chief.”

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