Fri. May 14th, 2021

About MI Headlines

Articles that are published on MI are those issues of interest or of importance in the State of Michigan. Our focus is on Crimes and Headlines.about us

There will never be information published on MI Headlines that is knowingly false, misleading or untrue. Much of the information that you will see in articles published here are from press releases from various police agencies throughout the state of Michigan and from areas of government on the state and federal level.  Our pride is that we provide our readers with information that they can rely on. You will never find information that is knowingly ‘Fake News’ written and published on MI Headlines.

There will be times when we are on top of breaking news that we want our readers to be aware of. Information that is being gathered and published on breaking news is published to our readers as quickly as possible.  Many times details will change as it comes in.  It is our intent and first goal to provide accurate details as we know them at any given time.  It is always best to go back and look to see if details of a story you are following have changed.

As of September 19th, 2014 was officially incorporated. is owned by MI Headlines Media, Inc.

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Tips of immediate nature or direct contact can be made at (989)-657-4863.  Vendors or sales individuals are highly discouraged from cold calling the above telephone number.  If we have not contacted you about a service or product directly, then it is not necessary to contact us via a phone call or email.