Thoughts and opinions are what make us.  Given information and decisions are based on details.  No one person is ever right 100% of the time and not everyone is going to agree with what is written and found here.  Your views are always welcome.  We just ask that you be respectful.

Articles that are published are those issues of  interest or of importance in the State of Michigan.

The site title is a play on two fronts.  Obviously MI for Michigan and MI for My Headlines.

As of September 19th, 2014 MIHeadlines.com is now incorporated and owned by MI Headlines Media, Inc.

If you have something of interest that you feel needs attention, please feel free to email us at tips@miheadlines.com

Mailing Address:

  • MI Headlines Media, Inc.
  • 20207 Abrahm Street
  • Clinton Township, Michigan  48035

Tips of immediate nature or direct contact can be made at (989)-657-4863.  Vendors or sales individuals are highly discouraged from cold calling the above telephone number.  If we have not contacted you about a service or product directly, then it is not necessary to contact us via a phone call.

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