New Vaping Law Set to go into Effect September 2nd

LANSING, MI – A minor who buys nicotine vapor products or uses them in a public place can face a civil infraction for the first two violations and be fined up to $50. Subsequent violations would result in a misdemeanor after September 2nd, 2019.


A person under the age of 18 years old cannot purchase or posses a vapor product or alternative nicotine product.

1st offence is a Civil Infraction – $50 fine
2nd offence is a Civil infraction – $50 fine
3rd offense is a Misdemeanor – $50 Fine

The law also prohibits a minor from using false identification to buy tobacco products.

Those found guilty of violating the law, could be ordered by the court to participate in a health promotion and risk reduction program and perform up to 16 hours of community service. Subsequent violations would require additional community service.

Store clerks are required to verify the age of anyone who appears to be under the age of 27 by examining a government issued ID card.

For online sales, the seller must use an independent third-party age verification service that compares information from commercially available databases used by government agencies and businesses.

A person who violates the age-verification requirement would be guilty of a misdemeanor and face a $100 fine for a first offense, $500 for a second offense and $2,500 for third and subsequent offenses.

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